Wednesday, October 1, 2014

National Fire Pup Day


National Fire Pup Day is celebrated each year on October 1. This day is designated to recognize our canine firefighters, the four-footed members of the fire department.
 It all began when the use of Dalmatians as carriage dogs was transferred to horse-drawn fire engines. In the days of the horse-drawn fire carts they provided a valuable service, having a natural affinity to horses. The Dalmatians would run alongside the horses, in front of or beneath the cart axles and cleared the way for safety. Even though the horses are long since gone in the fire houses, the Dalmatians, by tradition, have stayed.
The Dalmatian today serves as a firehouse mascot and is sometimes used to educate the public in fire safety.

Dalmatians are often chosen, as a pet, by many firefighters in honor of their heroism in the past. Click on the photo for some great fire pup stories!
Our research was unable to find the creator or the origin of National Fire Pup Day, an “unofficial” national holiday.

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