Saturday, July 9, 2011

Honor America’s Heroes
Bicycle Across America
Summer 2011—One Fire Station at a time
Day 1, Stage 4 -- Afternoon Edition
The Gold Country Bicycle Tour
Davis, California

This afternoon I was in Davis, CA. Davis is one of the premier bicycling cities in America. It is a 12-mile bicycle ride from Dixon. My favorite route is through the beautiful farm country.


I had the good fortune to meet John Neves, Bicycle officer and Downtown Business liaison with the Davis, CA Police Department. John is a nice guy. He is easy to visit with and he is dedicated to bicycle safety. 

The U.S. Bicycling Hall of Fame has joined with the California Bicycle Museum in Davis, CA.
The expansion brings together the extensive bicycle collection and the home of the 128 Hall of Fame athletes.

I was looking forward to visiting the museum. Alas, it was closed. For additional information, visit: 

I ate a healthy linch at the Davis Co-Op.

Returning to Dixon from Davis, I was surprised to see the George’s Orange site. This place has been around for years; part of a bygone era. 

I stayed, the night, with Helaine’s brother Robert and his wife Louise.

Robert has lived in Dixon all his life. He and Louise have one daughter, Leah and a Sheltie named King.

Robert and Louise took me out to dinner. We shared a terrific pizza. Robert and I enjoyed a glass of first class beer.

We finished the day at home; it was a very pleasant evening completing a very good day.

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