Thursday, June 30, 2011

Honor America’s Heroes
Bicycle Across America
Summer 2011—One Fire Station at a time
Day 1, Stage 2
Gold Country Bicycle Tour

June 16, 2011 –Friday –06:15 to 07:15 Bicycle on the Golden Gate Bridge

This morning I bicycled across the Golden Gate Bridge toward Sausalito and returned to the Presidio of San Francisco. The morning was quite cool. I wore jeans and a jacket over my kit.

The Golden Gate Bridge is great. It has dedicated lanes for bicycles. 

The early morning views, from 210 feet above the San Francisco Bay, were breath taking. I watched one ship coming into San Francisco while another was leaving the city and heading for distant shores.

There were several of us bicycling on the bridge but it was not crowded.

I completed my morning ride with a stop at, the former, 6th US Army, Headquarters, Building 38.

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