Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Honor America's Heroes
Bicycle across America--One fire Station at a Time
Day 1, Stage 1
Gold Country Bicycle Tour
June 16, 2011 –Friday – Sunrise, 05:45
Presidio of San Francisco.
I Have Returned.
I retired at the Presidio of San Francisco on May 27, 1993. I was the 6th US Army, Safety and Occupational Health Manager. My duties included fire prevention and protection programs

My friend, Bill William, was the Presidio of San Francisco Fire Chief.

Our friend, Bill Patterson, was the FEMA official responsible for fire service, hazard materials and emergency response programs.

They, along with my family, other friends, and associates attended the retirement ceremony.

I’ve returned begin this bicycle ride at the flagpole where I stood retirement ceremonies completing some 33 years of fire service.

The Presidio of San Francisco closed after my retirement. It is now home to the Presidio Trust.

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