Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Bicycle across America-Summer 2011
One Fire Station at a Time
Prologue for the Gold Country Bicycle Tour

Thank you to: Helaine, my wife. We’ve been married 35 years. She and the family went with me as my Federal Fire Service career promotions took me from Oregon, to North Dakota, to Japan and home to California.

Helaine is committed to our Bicycle across America—Summer 2011—One Fire Station at a Time Tour. She rides for the Lung Cancer Alliance. You can donate to the Lung Cancer Alliance via our link on this blog.

Helaine works for FEMA and with fire departments across the USA, territories and possessions. She is just returned home from Joplin, Missouri.

You can follow Helaine on Twitter @4Dfunofit.

Robbie, my coach, nutrition expert, bicycle and component advisor. Robbie donated his 2008 Jamis Nova Pro frame to the tour. I named it bicycle chassis # 343 and built it for the Sierras and the Rockies.

Robbie is a wildland fire fighter. He recently returned home from the Arizona fires.

You can follow Robbie on Twitter @rfkde207.

Thank you my son.

Mike, the Master Bicycle Builder. He builds, maintains and tunes my sprint triathlon and duathlon bicycles and he built bicycle chassis # 343 for this trip.

Trevor, a lifelong bicyclist; he hails from England. His credentials include the Race Across America (RAAM). Trevor has coached me for bicycle racing, peloton riding, general road riding and the Bicycle across America Tour.

Robert, Helaine’s brother and my friend. Robert is an expert on the Sierra Mountains. He has been camping, skiing and motorcycling the gold country his whole life. Additionally, Robert provides great weather forecasts.

Maaco Auto Body Shop and Collision Center-36223 Plaza Drive in Cathedral City, California 92234-7388. Joel and crew painted bicycle chassis # 343 a beautiful fire engine red. (760) 202-1411

Environmental Traveling Companions ETC is an amazing Non-Profit organization with amazing volunteer workers.

Every year over 2000 people with special needs join ETC on outdoor adventures such as white water rafting. These are people of all ages, people who have hearing impairments, people who have physical, emotional or developmental disabilities and people living with serious illness, such as cancer or HIV/AIDS. ETC also provides outdoor education programs for school groups and economically disadvantaged youth.

Thank you ETC for your assistance. You went out of your way to help me; my family and I appreciate it.

Please visit their web site 

Honor America’s Heroes

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