Friday, May 13, 2011

6 Transcontinental Bicycle Ride Elements # 3 of 6

Of all the essentials for saving time and frustration on a transcontinental bike ride, 6 elements are most important:

This article is # 3 of the 6. The subject is physical preparedness.

Start specific training at least one month before your trip, building up to day tours of 55 to 65 miles. Include at least one-multiday dress rehearsal, riding your loaded bike on hilly terrain. Then start the trip with several short, easy days. This provides the chance for necessary adjustments and helps you get into the rhythm of cross-country bicycling.

Thank you: Bicycling Magazine’s 1,000 All time Best Tips. Edited by Ben Hewitt.

We are a fire department family. I am a retired Fire Chief. My wife works for FEMA and with fire departments across the USA. One of our sons is a firefighter.

Beginning this month, my wife and I will bicycle across America -- one fire station at a time.
We ride to honor America’s heroes, our firefighters.

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