Sunday, April 3, 2011

How does a retired Fire Chief and multi-sport athlete prepare for his Bicycle Across America—Summer 2011—One Fire Station at a Time Tour?

Health and fitness are vitally important for fire department work. During my fire department career I learned to care for my body, mind and spirit.

Overall health includes exercise, education and connecting with the Universe.

For me vitamins and supplements have and continue to play an important role in my life health program.

Your doctor is a key person in your life health program. I visit my doctor every six months. I provide him with a printed copy of my current vitamin and supplement during my appointments. We discuss my list.

I encourage you to consult your doctor regarding your fitness plans and your vitamins and supplements.

Here is my current list of vitamins and supplements:

Multi Vitamin COSTCO's Kirkland Signature Premium Performance
Apple cider vinegar (unfiltered) 1 tablespoon with
Aspirin 325mg
Bilberry @ 320mg
Calcium (1,000mg) Magnesium (400mg) and Zink (15mg)
Cinnamon @ 500mg
Cholest Off @ 1800mg
Cranberry Fruit @ 475mg
Echinacea @ 400mg
Garlic (odor control) 1250mg
Mega Red Omega-3 Krill oil
Metamucil @ 1 tablespoon per day with water, fruit juice tea or ginger ale
Prostate Health Complex
Slo Niacin @ ¼ of 500mg
Resvinatrol @ 250mg
Vitamin C @ 500mg
Vitamin D @ 1,000IU
Sometimes I take extra Vitamin E

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  1. Lot of folks have been telling me that Krill Oil is much better for you then fish oil. So with that said I decided to take a look at mega red krill oil.