Wednesday, April 13, 2011

6 Transcontinental Bicycle Ride Elements -- Choosing Your Route

Of all the essentials for saving time and frustration on a transcontinental bike ride, there are 6 Transcontinental Bicycle Ride Elements:

This blog article is about selecting a route for your ride across the USA.

1. Good route. The two most popular cross-country courses are the
TransAmerica bicycle Trail (4,240 miles) and the northern tier Route(4,310 miles). They were invented by the Adventure Cycling Association, which sells detailed maps. If you decide to plan your own route, choose country and secondary roads as much as possible.

We do not have experience with Adventure Cycling Association maps. You can read other blogs on transcontinental bicycling to learn the pros and the cons of these maps.

Our primary route is US Highway 50. Which begins, at the Western Terminus, in Sacramento, California to Eastern Terminus in Oceanside, Maryland (3,073 miles).

We’re using Google Maps.

Our route takes us through 16 states and Washington DC.

We intend to use Google Maps for our entire ride across America. Google Map service is updated continually.

We begin in Yucca Valley, California with a Bon Voyage Ride with family and friends.

May 17, 2011 will find us in Modesto, CA visiting a retired Fire Chief friend and watching, Stage 3, of the Amgen Tour of California.

On May 20, 2011, we visit the Presidio of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco for a sunrise, ceremonial, dipping of the bicycle wheels in the Pacific Ocean.

From the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco I bicycle to our hometown of Dixon, CA.

Leaving Dixon, I bicycle to Davis, CA home of the US Bicycle Museum then on to the American River Bicycle Trail and the Sierra Mountains to Lake Tahoe, CA.

At Lake Tahoe we cross into Nevada and begin a descent into the state capitol of Carson City, Nevada.

My son Robbie will ride with me over the Sierra Mountains. He is a wildland firefighter. He is a very strong and knowledgeable bicyclist. He is my coach and advisor.

At Carson City we say thank you and good by to Robbie and join US Hwy 50 and bicycle east to the Atlantic Ocean.

Thank you:Bicycling Magazine’s 1,000 All time Best Tips. Edited by Ben Hewitt
You can buy this book. Click on the Amazon link provided here
We are a fire department family. I am a retired Fire Chief. My wife works for FEMA and with fire departments across the USA. One of our sons is a firefighter.



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