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10 Bicycling Websites That Will Pedal You Into The World Of Cycling

Article by Saikat Basu

Three cheers for human power. Nothing typifies it more than bicycles and the fleet of cyclists that are pedaling on the tarmac with fresh gusto. I am a born again cyclist.  Although I aspire to go into the rough and tumble of trail biking, my reboot has been calm.

The thrill of pushing the pedals and ‘burning rubber’ is there, even as a few motorcyclists make me see dust. But we bikers of the lesser kind may be losing out on the glam quotient but gaining a lot when it comes to exercise and carbon credits.

Bicycling or biking is not as simple as it sounds. There’s a lot of technology and technique involved. For instance, coming to grips with the right gear and the right safety precautions is a must. Thankfully, the stock of dedicated cycling websites on the web stops you from taking a wrong turn.

These ten websites will show you that from the first Penny Farthing till the present day, bicycling has never gone out of fashion. Motorbikers can eat dust.

Bicycling Magazine

cycling websites
With articles like 5 Rookie Maintenance Mistakes and Get Off Your Plateau, this website has become one of my favorite reads as I try to catch up after a decade. There’s a whole section for beginners where one can learn the nitty-gritty of bicycling. Bicycling tools like Find a Ride/Map a Ride, a Training Log, or the mobile phone apps (for iPhones, Android, Blackberry etc) make this website worth a bookmark. Also check out the videos on Road Biking Skills in the video section of the site.

Bicycle Tutor

If you thought that your new bicycle is a maintenance-free machine think again. But you have these video tutorials and a helpful forum to fall back on. The Bicycle Repair Guide is a quick way to get to the video tutorials. This is where I learnt how to shift gears on my bicycle and make sense out of all the gear combos available.

Commute by Bike

A nice little blog with a focus on the more utilitarian uses for a bicycle – going from Point A to Point B amidst the urban chaos. Read through the Top Ten Commuting 101 Articles if you are a commuter cycling beginner.

Cycling Forums

cycling news
I bumped into this pretty active forum (200,000+ members) on cycling and although I am not yet a member, it seems to be a nice place to be for bicycling knowhow. The forum also has a regional section on cyclists from Europe, Australia and New Zealand. You can check out the Wiki for any bicycling related information (and also contribute).

Map My Ride

cycling news
On this site, you can plan, plot, and log your bike runs with just a few mouse clicks. The site is a training application and has a suite of websites on the same concept. The training tools are based on geo-mapping and also give you single-click information on many saved routes, fitness calculators, global event listings and opportunities to compete virtually. The site has a social community built around your training needs.
If you prefer something simpler, try out Gmaps Pedometer.


cycling news
This site is only for U.S and Canadian cycling buffs. It’s all about getting on the perfect cycling route. Here you will find the straight dope on the best trails because they have already been ridden by zealous cyclists. You can search by ZIP, or by region. Pointers like the difficulty level and traffic rate is also included. Maps and cue sheets are printable for some routes.


biking websites
You can treat this journal of competitive cycling as a trail post if you are headed that way. The site is chock-a-bloc with resources on hardcore cycling and I can’t even mention them all here. But you might want to check out Tech Answers where Lennard Zinn runs through a lot of technical Q&A on cycling.

Bike Radar

biking websites takes a 360 degree look at mountain, road, and beginner bikes. There are lots of news, reviews, tips, route information, upcoming event alerts, with a large forum thrown in. Go through the Buyers Guides or the Bike Maintenance Workshops just in case an emergency strikes on the road.
One of the sections I really like to browse through is the Bikeradar Blogs written by a lot of guys on the seat.

Bicycle Law

biking websites
Bob Mionske is a former Olympic and professional cyclist. He is also an attorney with lots of experience when it comes to dealing with cycling mishaps. His site is all about the best legal advice you can get for free if you are in the United States. Contrary to popular opinion, bicyclists also don’t lead charmed lives on the road.

cycling websites
Along with Wikipedia,’s pages on all things that have to do with cycling were my first reference point. They could be yours too, if you have just decided to take it up. Follow the links to some helpful hubs on why bike in the first place, finding the right bike size for your height, or the different kinds of bikes that are there. The information is brief and easy to grasp.

So, are you ready to let some sparks fly? Drop a comment if you are an avid cyclist, and also let us know if you have a favorite cycling website of your own for supporting your pedal pushing. Happy cycling!
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