Wednesday, December 15, 2010

The Bicycle across America—Summer 2011—One Fire Station at a Time Team has selected this tip from Bicycling Magazine’s 1,000 All-Time Best Tips
Edited by Ben Hewitt.

100 Tips For Skill Builders; Tip # 94: When riding a road bike one-handed for any reason, grip the bar on top next to the stem. If your hand is farther out (such as on the brake lever hood), the bike is more likely to veer dangerously should the front wheel hit a rock, bump or pothole.

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We are a fire department family. I am a retired fire chief. My wife works for FEMA and with fire departments across the USA. One of our sons is a fire fighter.

Next year, beginning in May 2010, My wife and I will bicycle across America—One fire station at a time.

We ride to honor America’s heroes, our firefighters.

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